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Sparring Level 1 2


The following participants have successfully completed the Sparring Courses (Fundamental) & (Level 1)  which was held on 13 & 19 May 2018 respectively at the STF National Training Centre.


- Sparring Course (Fundamental)

1 Attya Jenivati Jurong Town TKD
2 Chia Xi Tong Valene Woodlands TKD
3 Chia Yan Feng Vincent Woodlands TKD
4 Cho Mang Ling Tabitha Chloe JH Kim TKD (Main)
5 Chong Deslyn Team Spectrum TKD
6 Cui Yu Jie Jurong Town TKD
7 Hia Chuen Ling ACME TKD
8 Koh Lay Peng Angela ACME TKD
9 Lee Yui Jou Reyes Taekwondonomics
10 Lim Liang Chye ACME TKD
11 Lim Zhao Xun Larry ACME TKD
12 Liow Fang Ting Team Spectrum TKD
13 Long Say Liam Jeff ACME TKD
14 Mikhali Adamenko Induk TKD
15 Mohammed Akheel Haziq Bin Basheer Apex TKD
16 Neo Sze Min Summit TKD
17 Ong Lena ACME TKD
18 Ong Xue Ning Elaine Jurong Town TKD
19 Phan Bich Thuy KTMA
20 Quek Li Lin Jurong Town TKD
21 Quek Peng Heng Javier Jurong Town TKD
22 Sarina Team Spectrum TKD
23 Soo Jin Xian Caius Induk TKD
24 Soo Jin Xun Caden Induk TKD
25 Su Kim Teck JH Kim TKD (Main)
26 Tan Lian Ping JH Kim TKD (Main)
27 Teo Lee Cheng ACME TKD
28 Tiu Inn Kien ACME TKD
29 Toh Yu Xin Giselle Eunos CC


Sparring Course (Level 1)

1 Antu Angelena Jurong Town TKD
2 Ching Zong Han Bt Panjang CC
3 Chua Boon Teck Austin Jurong Town TKD
4 Chua Yu Hung Brayden Jurong Town TKD
5 Farah Nowshad Jurong Town TKD
6 Fatima Nowshad Jurong Town TKD
7 Ganesan Kavin Jurong Town TKD
8 Kwek Qi Qi Ildo TKD
9 Lim Cheng Sing Valour TKD
10 Lim Zhi Yang Team Spectrum TKD
11 Loh Mei Ping Hannah Shields Axiom TKD
12 Low Daren Ildo TKD
13 Mohamed Akheel Haziq Bin Basheer Apex TKD
14 Mohamed Nabeel Mirza Bin Basheer Apex TKD
15 Pang Wei Qing Jurong Town TKD
16 Phan Bich Thuy KTMA
17 Poon Su Mei Trifecta Martial Arts
18 Soo Jin Xian Caius Induk TKD
19 Soo Jin Xun Caden Induk TKD
20 Soo Vee Meng Simon Axiom TKD
21 Su Kim Teck JH Kim TKD (Main)
22 Sun Wen Zhen Bt Batok Zone 5 RC
23 Tan Lian Ping JH Kim TKD (Main)
24 Tan Sin Chee Ildo TKD
25 Wong Kah Hung Alvin Janesis Fitness
26 Wong Yew Fei Stiletto TKD


Successful candidates for the Fundamental course will be exempted from sparring when they go for their red 1 to 1st poom / dan grading and those with Level 1 will be exempted from sparring for 1st poom / dan to 2nd poom / dan.


Participants with Fundamental certification may attend the next Level 1 course.


For successful candidates in the Level 1 course, they may attend the Level 2 course which will be held on Sunday 24 June 2018.  More details are available in the website.