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Sparring Course F1


The following participants have successfully completed the Sparring Course (Fundamental) held on Sunday 30 September 2018 at 2.30pm at the STF National Training Centre.


1 Abdul Shaheed Bin Muhamad Sidek Acme TKD
2 Cheah Lean Cheng Grace Zenith TKD
3 Chong Choong Zing Shaun JH Kim (SGC)
4 Chong Wen Queen Induk TKD
5 Choo Zi Heng Wayne Woodlands TKD
6 Darwin De Jesus Basas Johan TKD
7 Eillen Pradez Tonoy Acme TKD
8 Foo Chuan Ping Yong-In TKD
9 Ho Kah Pin Raider TKD
10 Jessica Palmero Galicia Induk TKD
11 Joseph Miguel Cambiado Habos Sports Team TKD
12 Koh Teck Heng Raider TKD
13 Lana Marie Javelona Basas Johan TKD
14 Lee Jia Le Mikel Acme TKD
15 Lee Kah Onn JH Kim (SGC)
16 Lee Ying Shan Taekwondonomics
17 Leong ZhiXiang Woodlands TKD
18 Mohammed Noor Firdaus Bin Sumawi Induk TKD
19 Mok Wei Jie Woodlands TKD
20 Morpi Marissa Abrera Acme TKD
21 Ng Yi Jie Jasper Woodlands TKD
22 Ng Yi Zhong Javier Woodlands TKD
23 Ong Juay Yam Ryan Bt Purmei TKD
24 O'Ryan Isaiah Dass Zenith TKD
25 Raquel C Tiano Acme TKD
26 Raveendran Hiranmayi Woodlands TKD
27 Rhea Pradhan Zenith TKD
28 Soh Yih Jiun Brian Raider TKD
29 Soo Guo Yeow Andy Induk TKD
30 Tan Jiang Yan Woodlands TKD
31 Tan Lit Yeow Raider TKD
32 Tay Jing Long Xavier Acme TKD
33 Tay Kai Li Jolene Acme TKD
34 Vansh Bagaria Singapore Swimming Club
35 Vidit Bagaria Singapore Swimming Club
36 Wong Ka Ching Woodlands TKD
37 Wong Lai Cheng Johan TKD
38 Xu Jie Yong-In TKD
39 Zhuang ChangFeng Walt Radin Mas TKD
40 Zhuang YiZhi Xander Radin Mas TKD


The certificates will be ready for collection from Monday 8 October 2018 at the STF Secretariat.


Successful candidates will be exempted from sparring when they go for their red 1 to 1st poom / dan grading.