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In order to identify fake news, you will require to know the facts.  The question: Where can you get them?

If you are interested to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you are free to check with the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) or visit its office to view documents including minutes of meeting.

Fabricating news need only a fertile imagination.  But these would only serve the writer’s objective of fooling his readers.

A case in point: Were the postings related to Daniel Tay Xiong Sheng, Chief Instructor of Xavier Sport TKD and PA Trainer of Fuchun CC, approved by the Management Committee?  Answer: Absolutely!  But the fake news claimed otherwise.  

The first post ‘Responses of Serious Allegations by Daniel Tay Xiong Sheng’ published on 18 September 2018 was drafted by Management members during an emergency meeting, which was held on the same day and chaired by the then STF President, Mr Milan Kwee.  The draft was approved at the meeting and posted immediately.

The next two postings ‘Daniel Tay Xiong Sheng’s accusations proved baseless.  SportSG clears STF of any safety lapses,’ and ‘STF response to another unfounded allegation by Daniel Tay Xiong Sheng on his social media,’ were in compliance with one of the unanimous decisions on the case at the Annual General Meeting held on 29 September 2018 and presided by Mr Kwee.  The meeting wanted the taekwondo community to be kept informed of the case on STF website and the Management to act against the perpetrator. 

Why is there a need to produce fake news on matters which can be easily verified?  Why is there a need to repeat allegations which have been proven wrong by either SportSG or the Police?  Why insult the integrity of the Management members by relating their resignation with the case when there is no iota of truth?

The Police has also closed Tony Ng’s case involving the grading incident and a 9-year old boy.  

It is sufficient for now to remind members not be misdirected by insignificant fake news.   

Henceforth, the STF will NOT point out fake news.  Members who wish to confirm the veracity of any statement or story involving STF are welcome to check with the organization.