Thursday, 25 July, 2024

Advisor Visits STF Secretariat

Mr Denis Ng, Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) Advisor, who is based in Taiwan, was in Singapore for holidays.

He took the opportunity to visit STF Secretariat on 21 September 2012. Mr Milan Kwee, STF President, and Mr Lim Teong Chin, STF General Manager, were delighted to welcome him.

After being briefed on the development and status of the STF, Mr Ng said he was pleased that the organization was doing well. He felt that the STF was in a good position to build on its capability and suggested engaging more full-time staff to grow the sport.

During his term as STF President, Mr Ng managed to get most of the taekwondo groups to come under the wings of STF. Furthermore, he supported the organization financially whenever there was a need.

Indeed, the STF owes Mr Ng a debt of gratitude.

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