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Taekwondo Featured in Chingay 2012

If you missed watching the Chingay Parade 2012 on 3 and 4 February at the F1 Pit Building or the delayed telecast of the event on 5 February on Channel 8, chances are that you might not be aware that the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) had a performance contingent in the parade segment.

250 members came together to put up a colorful and scintillating act on both days. They were from Bowen Secondary School, Temasek Junior College, Shota Taekwondo, Republic Polytechnic, Springfield Secondary School, Acme Taekwondo, St Teresa Taekwondo, Akira-X Taekwondo, Dragonix Taekwondo Anglican Taekwondo and St Anthony Cannosian Secondary School.

 Photo courtesy of Mr Alvin Leow. 

Their performances were impressive enough to draw favorable comments from the organizers and many spectators.  Many of them shared the views that the taekwondo display was simply magnificent. 

The reception the taekwondo performers received from the spectators made the many hours of practices worth their while.  Under the guidance of Mr Tan Cheng Hui (STF Demonstration Chairman), Mr Lee Thiam Huat (Anglican Taekwondo Chief Instructor) and Mr Leon Koh (Shota Taekwondo Chief Instructor), the performers trained long and hard in preparation for the big day.  Sometimes the training ended well past midnight.

During the tail end of the event, a balloon carrying the ‘taekwondo with a heart’ message was displayed with other balloons.  Taekwondo with heart is a programme initiated by the STF to make it possible for the ‘disadvantaged’ to learn the sport under its full sponsorship.

The STF would like to thank all performers and their parents for their patience and support and the coaches and volunteers for their enthusiasm and dedication.  Together they have made the participation of taekwondo possible in the iconic event created by Singaporeans and started in 1973.

More photographs can be found at the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (Official Gallery) on Facebook.  

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