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STF Annual Report FY 2020



2-year Restriction for Red Belts

Apparently many members are not sure of the definition of the two-year restriction for red belt holders who want to participate in the ‘Kyorugi’ competition. Here are some examples which will provide clarity to the rule. The rule does not apply...

Anti-Doping Policy

INTRODUCTION In the interest of protecting the integrity of taekwondo in Singapore through the elimination of doping, the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) shall accept the World Doping Code (Code) and adopt, support and implement the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Anti-Doping...

STF Constitution (Nov 2019)

Please see attachment for STF Constitution (Nov 2019). STF_Constitution_9_Nov_2019Download

Participation In Overseas Events Or Non-sanctioned Events/Gradings

Since the STF website was created more than twelve years ago, the STF has periodically posted reminders to our members with regards to the hazards of participating in non-sanctioned events or gradings. This includes participating in overseas events without...

STF Data Protection Policy

The STF data protection policy is attached for your information.   It is part of the organization's effort to protect the data received by it while running its multifarious activities.  The STF will appreciate the guidance of members in the matter, if any.  Your suggestion...

Kukkiwon Certification

The STF encourages all its poom and black belt holders, especially those who wish to participate in international competitions and seminars, to apply for Kukkiwon certification. Those who are interested to apply for Kukkiwon certification should apply through their respective...

STF Pledge Is Compulsory

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) is putting a high premium in the development of 'DO' which is articulated in its pledge. Without 'DO', a taekwondo member cannot be complete. Therefore, the STF, which is responsible for the promotion of...

Uniform Guidelines For Athletes


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