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STF Pledge Is Compulsory

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) is putting a high premium in the development of 'DO' which is articulated in its pledge. Without 'DO', a taekwondo member cannot be complete. Therefore, the STF, which is responsible for the promotion of...

Uniform Guidelines For Athletes


Attire Guidelines For Coaches


People Association List Of Equipment Information Sheet

The attachment list is only applicable for PA Taekwondo classes conducted by its registered Trainers and affiliated with STF. People-Association-List-of-Equipment-Information-SheetDownload

Qualifications For Examiners

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS 5th DanNational Kyorugi Referee (Class 1)National Poomsae Referee (Class 1)Poomsae Coach (Level 3)NCAP Technical (Level 2)3 years of contribution to STF OTHERS Good CharacterCompassionateTeam player

Player Management

NATIONAL AND DEVELOPMENT SQUAD • Admission to the squads shall be by invitation from the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) or recommendations by the affiliates. REGISTRATION PROCEDURE • On admission, players shall complete the following forms: - Player's Personal Particulars Form- Agreement for Nation Squad Trainees-...

STF Pledge

“We, the members of Singapore Taekwondo Federation, pledge that ·        we shall remain humble, honest and helpful at all times, ·        we shall respect our elders, parents, coaches, seniors and one another regardless of race, language, class or creed, ·        we shall believe in ourselves and persist...

Code Of Ethics

The code of ethics outlines the fundamental behaviour expected of a coach. As a coach, you should be committed to the code of ethics. If you are not, you have no business to be in coaching. Therefore, when you take...

Selection Policy

1.   Objectives of Selection Policy 1.1 The objectives of the selection policy are to ensure that the best available players represent Singapore or the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF);to provide fair and transparent guidelines; andto give clarity to the standard selection criteria...

STF-Approved Taekwondo Uniform Brands

The following brands of standard taekwondo uniforms have been approved by the Singapore Taekwondo Federation for the period 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019. -  Adidas -  Daedo -  Jcalicu -  Kwon -  Mooto -  Victory (Mudoin) -  Wacoku (Champ)The vendors for the various brands...

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