Selection Policy

1.   Objectives of Selection Policy

1.1 The objectives of the selection policy are

  • to ensure that the best available players represent Singapore or the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF);
  • to provide fair and transparent guidelines; and
  • to give clarity to the standard selection criteria adopted by the STF.

2.    Selection Committee Guidelines and Membership Requirement

2.1  Selection Committee Guidelines and Membership Requirement  All members of the national squad (applicable to kyorugi and poomsae squads) and affiliates shall be informed of the selection dates and tournaments in accordance with the  STF’s plan through its website. The time frame of the notice will depend on the availability of information from the tournament organizers.

2.2  In the interest of selecting the best to don national colors, all members including those who are not registered with the national squad, shall be eligible to participate in the selection trials.

2.3 The following shall be invited for selection.

  • Players on spexTAG
  • Players recommended by affiliates
  • Players identified by ‘scouts’ during various tournaments and gradings
  • Players upgraded from the development squad

National squad members who are not able to participate in the selection trial because of medical or other valid reasons will be given an alternative date. This is subject to the registration requirement of the tournament.

2.4  Players with potential and talent, who have not previously gone through the preliminary selection trials, may be invited for the final selection trial on the recommendation of the national coaches.

 2.5  Players must be members of clubs affiliated to the STF, a citizen of the Republic of Singapore, a holder of the World Taekwondo Federation Global Athlete Licence and Kukkiwon certificate.

3.    Selection of Criteria

3.1  The selection is based on competition-style sparring. In addition to this, the following will be taken into consideration.

  • Attitude and behavior;
  • Current skill level and fitness;
  • Level of commitment and attendance;
  • Potential for future development and investment; and
  • Ability to demonstrate team spirit and work well with team mates.

4.    Players’ Requirements

4.1  Players, who are not national squad members, shortlisted for any final selection trial must meet the training requirements to be eligible for the trial.

4.2  Registered national squad members, who undergo year-round training, may apply for

  • 2 weeks study leave prior to the first examination paper and during the examination period and a maximum of 5 days for test/assignment/projects;
  • a maximum of 2 days leave of absence per month to attend to personal matters; and
  • to train before or after the official training hours if they are involved in part-time educational courses or shift duties. The number of self-training hours must be equivalent to or more than the official training hours. These sessions must be endorsed by the national coaches or trainers.

4.3 Progress feedback including prospect of selection will be provided regularly. Unsuitable candidates for the national team will be advised to opt out of the squad or may be dropped.

4.4 Candidates with disciplinary problems will be warned, suspended or expelled from the squad in accordance with the gravity of the offence.

5.    Selection Process

5.1  The Management Committee shall decide on the number of selection trials for each tournament, especially for major events, ie SEA Games, Asian Games, Youth Olympic Games, Olympic Games, Asean Championships, Asian Championships, Commonwealth Championships and World Championships.

5.2  The Management Committee shall appoint the panel of selectors based on the level of competition.

5.3  The panel of selectors will comprise any 3 of the following senior technical members.

  • Mr Lim Teong Chin
  • Mr Steven Soh
  • Mr RA Jeyaraman
  • Mr Tan Cheng Hui
  • Mr Lee Thiam Poh
  • Mr Tan Kok Heng
  • Ms Wong Liang Ming

5.4 The selectors must be prepared to justify and be accountable for their decisions.

5.5 The names of the selectors will be announced together with the released date of the selection trial through the STF official website.

5.6 The panel of selectors shall submit its recommendations under the following categories to the Management for consideration by the first Management Committee meeting immediately following the trial.

  • Category A (fully sponsored by STF)
  • Category B (50% sponsored by STF)
  • Category C (No sponsorship)

5.7  Players who are not placed in any of the above category will not be allowed to compete in the tournament.

5.8  There will not be any reimbursement for players under Categories B and C even if they return with a fighting medal.

5.9  The number of players to be fielded under the respective categories will be decided by the Management Committee. Players may be upgraded or downgraded at the discretion of the Committee.

5.10 If time does not permit, the President, the Secretary and the Coaching Chairman shall decide on the recommendations.

5.11  Candidates will be informed of the results of the selection trial through the STF official website. Those who are aggrieved at the decision may appeal to the Management Committee for reconsideration within 3 days of the announcement of the results.

6.     Appeals Committee and Process

6.1  Appellant shall be required to pay a fee of S$150.00 which will be forfeited if the appeal is found to be unmeritorious or frivolous.

6.2  If the appeal is urgent, the President, the General Manager and one technical representative will be appointed by the Management Committee to look into the appeal.

6.3  The result of the appeal will be made known through the STF official website.

6.4  A re-selection shall be conducted by the selectors if the selection process was not adhered to.

7.    Other Matters

7.1 The Management Committee reserves the right to modify, amend or alter the above criteria or waive compliance therewith, at its sole discretion, if such steps are in the interest of the sport.

8.    Enquiry

8.1  For clarifications and concerns regarding the selection policy, the contact point is as follows.