2-year Restriction for Red Belts

Apparently many members are not sure of the definition of the two-year restriction for red belt holders who want to participate in the ‘Kyorugi’ competition.

Here are some examples which will provide clarity to the rule.

The rule does not apply to you if you are a red belt holder for two or more years but

  • have not participated in any competition,
  • have not won any medal in any competition with more than four players,
  • have competed as a junior and are registering as a senior or
  • have not competed for the last five years.

However, you are not allowed to participate in any tournament once you finish among the top four in any competition with more than four players.

Your coach will be required to declare that you are free from the restriction. Disciplinary action will be taken against your coach if the declaration is subsequently found to be untrue.