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Be a Pioneer in the Cadet Squad

The World Taekwondo Federation has, on 26 December 2012, approved the introduction of Cadet Kyorugi Championships including WTF World Cadet Taekwondo Championships. 

With the new event, the ages for the junior category have been changed.  The ages for the three categories are as follows.

Cadet12 to 14 years old
Junior15 to 17 years old
SeniorAt least 17 years old

To prepare our cadet players for international kyorugi competition, a National Cadet Squad will be formed.  It will also complement the current youth and senior squad.

The STF is inviting nominations from affiliates to launch the squad.  The training for the squad members will be once a week for a period.  It will be conducted on Fridays from 7.30pm to 9.30pm starting on 4 January 2013.  The frequency will increase in consultation with the players and their parents.

Clubs with cadet players who are interested to excel in the sport are encouraged to nominate them by providing their names to the Secretariat either by telephone (6345 1491) or email (stf@singapore.com).

Among other things, players must remain as members of their respective clubs to qualify for continued membership in the cadet squad.  It will be the responsibility of the club coaches to inform the Secretariat if any of their members who are in the squad leaves their club. 

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