Monday, 17 June, 2024

Our Vision

The vision of the Singapore Taekwondo Federation is that the sport makes better persons and enjoys wide participation and the organization has a tradition of helping potential players realize their dreams of being champions and contributing to the community.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Federation is to inculcate the right values in its members, promote the art and sport widely, provide participants with optimum opportunities to develop their potential by having sound support, development programmes and services and play a role in supporting the Singapore Government's programmes and helping charitable causes.

Our Core Values

Sportsmanship -We believe that Taekwondo is a moral pursit requiring rules to be respected and dignity to be maintained under all circumstances
Integrity-We foster high ethical and professional standards.
Growth-We adapt, upgrade and change in pursuit of excellence.
Human-centred-We strive to meet participants' needs and are responsible for their enjoyment and appreciation of the sport.
Teamwork-We value the strength of working together.

Our Goals

The goals of the Federation are to

  • expand its membership further;
  • achieve more sporting excellence;
  • provide its members with better quality activities and services;
  • continue supporting the Singapore Government's programmes; and
  • play a more active role in helping charitable causes.

The Organisation

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation is the Singapore national governing body for taekwondo. It is well-recognised locally and abroad.

registered with the
Registry of Societies, Singapore.

a corporate member of the
People's Association

an ordinary member of the
Singapore National Olympic Council

is recognised by the
Sport Singapore

is an affiliate of
World Taekwondo

is an affiliate of
WT Asia

is an affiliate of
ASEAN Taekwondo Federation