Monday, 15 April, 2024

A Feast for the Eyes

The hard work put in by the national demonstration team preparing for a performance at the launching of the Singapore Youth Olympic Festival on 14 August 2011 was well worth it.

Their scintillating show of acrobatic skills and taekwondo expertise drew resounding applause from the crowd including top sports personages including Mr Ng Ser Miang, Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee and Dr Tan Eng Liang, Vice-President of the Singapore National Olympic Council.

The guest of honor for the event, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, was also visibly impressed with the discipline and stunts displayed by the team. He congratulated the performers at the end of the show time and obliged them with a group picture.

To those who were at the event, the taekwondo performances were indeed a feast for the eyes and not for those with weak hearts. The fifteen-minute non-stop action-packed show was thrilling and, of course, at times heart-stopping.

Here are some action shots of the great demonstration for your viewing pleasure.

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