Monday, 15 April, 2024

Amazing Taekwondo Warriors

The Taekwondo Warriors from Assisi Hospice amazed the spectators with their ‘explosive’ performance on 8 June 2007 at Amex Staff Lounge. It was a special fund-raising event organized by American Express Community Club for the children of the Hospice.

The Warriors demonstrated the various components of the martial arts including one-step sparring and ‘poomsae’ (a series of movements incorporating ideal attacking and defensive techniques against imaginary opponents). They simply awed the spectators with their precision and power. Their power was brought out when they broke numerous planks with various techniques.

The spectators were certainly impressed by their indomitable spirit and zest for life despite the tremendous challenges they were facing.

If the planks represented their challenges, the Warriors looked set to conquer them. And the resounding cheers and applause they received from the spectators gave them the strength.

Go, Warriors, go! You are really amazing.

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