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24 More Professional Passes Issued

24 more coaches qualified for the professional coach pass.

The coaches attended the coach briefing on Thursday 15 May 2008. It was a requirement for coaches before they could be eligible to apply for the passes. The objective of the session was to make sure that they understood their roles and responsibilities.

At the end of the session, the coaches were fully aware that they had a heavy responsibility. They also knew that failure in the fulfilling their obligations was not an option.

The coaches, who attended the session and later issued the passes, were as follows.

  • Lee Kwang Peng
  • Tan Teck Chye, Mike
  • Ang BiSi, Vikki
  • Wong Lai Ping, Alice
  • Tan Yuen Shet, Alan
  • Tan Tian Soon, Ryan
  • Tay Kia Chun, Melvin
  • Ho Chee Sheng
  • Muthiah s/o Ponmani
  • Lim Seow Koon
  • Nah Wee Yang
  • Chong Shao Hong
  • Chow Hue Kay
  • Lanetar Quek
  • Krist Koh Guat Hua
  • Chia Muyi Sowe, Jimmy
  • Lin Yao Liang, Alvin
  • Cheok Kai Hwee, Eileen
  • Huang Qiaozhen
  • Chan Yuen Tuck
  • Teo, Johnboy John
  • Thiang Li Peng Benjamin
  • Zhang Zhi Min
  • Lee Hui Ting

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