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35TH Annual Referees’ Seminar & Assessment

The 35th Annual Referes’ Seminar & Assessment will be held on 30th July 2006 from 9.00am to 12.00pm at:

    National Training Centre(NTC),
    Blk 80 Lorong Limau, # 04-191,
    Singapore 320080.

The details are as follows:

Registration :    Complete the registration form and submit on or before 24 July 2006.
Fee             :    Nil
Attire          :    Dobok (Full Uniform)            

National Referees with expired licences may also attend the seminar. Their licences will be renewed if they pass the assessment which will be conducted after the seminar.

The latest competition rules would be taught during the seminar Hours clocked can be used for NROC up-dating.

Referees, who did not attend the annual assessment, will be disqualified from refereeing for that year.

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