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Affiliates Can Also Organise STF-Recognised Activities

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation organizes the following courses, seminars, workshops, talks and briefings.

  • National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Technical or Taekwondo Coaching Course
  • National Kyorugi Referee Course
  • National Poomsae Referee Course
  • Poomsae Coach Course
  • Unarmed Combat Programme
  • Kyorugi (Sparring) Programme
  • Grading Preparation Programme
  • National Kyorugi Referee Refresher Course
  • National Poomsae Referee Refresher Course
  • “Wired to Win” Workshop/Talk/Briefing

It is not always convenient for members of clubs affiliated to the STF to attend the activities. Therefore, the STF has brought the activities to the various clubs on request.

For example, the STF has conducted the Taekwondo Coaching Course at the Nanyang Technological University for their black belts. More recently, the STF ran an unarmed combat programme for poom belts at Chong Pang CC.

The reports on the two courses can be found on this website under the headlines ‘Coaching Course Draws Positive Comments’ (1 April 2007) and ’30 Awarded Unarmed Combat Certification’ (6 February 2007).

STF affiliates may request for any of the courses, seminars, etc to be held at their convenience if they have the required number of participants. One of the recommended activities for affiliate members will be the Grading Preparation Programme. As examiners will be dispatched to conduct it, affiliate members will be able to get all the answers they want on the promotion tests.

Interested affiliates may arrange for the various activities through Jolene or Theresa at 63451491 or by email

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