Monday, 15 April, 2024

Be Prepared for the Next Referee Refresher Seminar

All national referees are aware of their responsibility to remain

  • updated in their knowledge of the competition rules and regulations,
  • prepared with the officiating mechanics and signals and
  • physically and mentally fit.

As in the past, referees will be evaluated on all the three areas in the next Kyorugi Referee Refresher Course.

For the physical tests, the following minimum standards are required.

Ladder (Run-through/Ickey Shuffle/Lateral run-in-out)

  • ·Under 30 years old:0.34s (Male)0.36s(Female)
  • ·Under 40 years old:0.36s(Male)0.38s(Female)
  • ·Under 50 years old:0.38s(Male)0.40s(Female)
  • ·Under 60 years old:0.40s(Male)0.42s(Female)

Shuttle Run (5m and back, 10m and back, etc up to 25m)

  • Under 30 years old:0.34s(Male)0.36s(Female)
  • Under 40 years old:0.38s(Male)0.40s(Female)
  • Under 50 years old:0.40s(Male)0.42s(Female)
  • Under 60 years old:0.42s(Male)0.44s(Female)

The Board of Referees hopes that the information will be useful in the referees’ preparation for the test.

National referees are also reminded that it is mandatory for them to know the pledge. On top of that, blood pressure test and resting heart rate will also be conducted.

For more information, please email Mr Steven Soh, Chairman, Board of Referees, at

Stay fit and healthy!

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