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Challenging Coaching Course

80 participants spent 10 hours on Sunday 11 November 2007 at the National Training Centre to learn the art of coaching. And they have another 10 hours to go before they can qualify for the tests. 

The participants will earn their coach qualification only after they have passed the tests and completed 3 months (twice a week) and 6 months (once a week) attachment.

The course which covers, among other things, coaching fundamentals, competition rules and mental preparation saw some participants enthusiastically taking down notes and asking numerous questions. Their interest in the lectures was matched only by the concern shown by the members of Management for the success of the course.

Mr Milan Kwee, President STF, rushed back from a overseas trip to observe the conduct of the course, encourage the participants and wish them the very best in endeavour to obtain their coaching qualification.

STF Vice-Presidents, Steven Soh and RA Jeyaraman, were also present to lend morale support to the course conductors and participants.

The participants surely required all the support they could garner especially after they received their manual which was 141-page thick. There was certainly a lot for them to learn.

Said Coaching Chairman Wong Liang Ming: “There was nothing for them to worry. If they pay attention to the lectures, they should have not problem tackling the theory questions.”

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