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Come Prepared for the Referee Refresher Seminar

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation will be issuing all referees with a referee booklet each to record their refereeing status and experiences after the Referee Refresher Seminar on Sunday 2 September 2012.

We will be grateful if ALL participants can bring two passport-sized photographs of themselves for the booklet and record form.

The following have submitted their record forms.

1Chin Kian Chung
2Chong Kin Fei Ben
3Chua Juan Juan
4Fan Huilin
5Gan Yin Ze
6Go Ngee Boon
7Goh Bing Yu
8Goh WeeMingDaryl
9Ho Kee Khoon Michael
10Jahangir Khan Gaffoor
11Koh Choon Seng David
12Lai Hai Mei
13Lee Sian Wee
14Leong Miao Yuen Kelvin
15Lim Hui Hsien
16Lim Huixian
17Lim Keng Leong
18Lim Keng Long
19Muhammad Taufiq Chua
20Na Kok Peng
21Ng Lee Noi
22Peh Chun Zhiang Brian
23Syahirah Bariah Bte Abdul Razak
24Tan Kheng Juan Henry
25Tan Lee Fong Girlene
26Tay Jun Jie Jordan
27Yow Pei Yi Pauline

Those who are not listed above will be required to complete their forms on the day. Please come prepared with the following information.

  • Local taekwondo grade and date obtained
  • Kukkiwon grade and date obtained
  • Kyorugi referee class and date obtained
  • Poomsae referee class and date obtained
  • NCAP level and date obtained
  • Poomsae coach level and date obtained
  • Coach pass number
  • Kyorugi refereeing record

However, those who have already submitted their forms will need to update their information and records, if necessary.

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