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Demonstration Workshop

Learn how to show off your skills in the first ever demonstration workshop organized by the Singapore Taekwondo Federation for red belts (junior and senior), poom belts and black belts.

Experience the thrills of breaking planks with stunts you learn at the workshop.

And pick up a few tips on how to impress the spectators with your showmanship.

The details of the workshop are as follows.

Date                :           Sunday 26 April 2009

Time               :           2.00pm to 5.00pm (for junior red belts and poom belts)

Place              :          National Training Centre

Fee                 :           $30

Registration   :           By Friday 17 April 2009

The objectives of the workshop are to

  • provide participants with knowledge of demonstration,
  • equip them with adequate skills to perform and
  • enhance their confidence.

During the workshop, participants will be provided with demonstration planks to break.

Certificate of participation will be awarded to all participants.

The workshop will be conducted by Lim Hyun, Principal of Hyun Taekwondo Academy and a former member of the KyungHeeUniversity demonstration team, and Tan Cheng Hui, Chairman of the National Demonstration Team.

Coaches can benefit from their students’ participation in the workshop as they can use the services of the trained students to perform for their clubs when required.

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