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Learning the Way of Poomsae

19 poom belts spent their Sunday morning at the National Training Centre perfecting their poomsae performance. They were participating in the poomsae programme for poom belts.

The workshop held on 9 September 2007 was conducted by Lim Teong Chin. He was assisted by Tan Cheng Hui, Tan Kok Heng and Wong Liang Ming.

Among other things, the participants learned how to execute the various stances and movements accurately. More importantly, they knew from the session what to do if they wanted to excel in poomsae performance.

What’s more, participants were also taught the differences between poomsae performed during grading and poomsae performed during competition. Therefore, they should be more knowledgeable in poomsae than other poom belts who missed the workshop.

For their effort, the participants were awarded a certificate of participation by Mrs Janet Ong, a member of the STF Parents’ Committee.


The participants were as follows:

Acme TKD
Jeric Ang Shi Cheng
Daniel Koh Shi Wei
Darren Koh Shi Hao
Keith Ong Jin Cong
Kang Rui Jie
Kang Jun Jie
Vincent Lim Hong Bin
Lim Yang Zhi

Elite TKD
Low Tseng Yang
Marcus Emil

St Teresa TKD
Tan Hui Yi
Tan Wei Han
Tan Wei Yang
Jarod Chia Sheng Yi

Zenith TKD
AngWei Lin
Chia Cheng Min Crystal
Muhammad Fariduan Bin Powzan
Shafawi B Shamsudin
Siti Norfaeqah Binte Powzan
Wee Jie Ning

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