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More Information on the Referee Refresher Seminar

The Referee Refresher Seminar will be held as scheduled.

DateSunday 2 September 2012
Time(The seminar will end at 1.00pm if participants co-operate with the organizers by being punctual – that is coming well before 9.00am to do the registration and BP/HR & STF Pledge Tests. Registration will start at 8.30am. The tests will be conducted on a first-come first-served basis.)
PlaceAgora Hall 4Republic Polytechnic9 Woodlands Avenue 9Singapore 738964(See the attached location map. Participants may park at the multi-storey car park.   The parking fee for the whole day is $3. In order to ensure that you get to the place at 8.30am, give yourself some time allowance.)

The programme for the day is as follows:

  • Registration
  • BP/HR Tests
  • STF Pledge Test
  • Physical Tests (Dynamic Balance, Reaction Time, Ladder & Shuttle-run)
  • Theory (Observations & Competition Rules)
  • Practical Refereeing
  • Theory Test

Participants with medical certification exempting them from participating in the physical tests are required to produce the document on that day.

Please bring your own writing materials. The dress code: ‘Dobok’.

You are advised not to have heavy breakfast. If you require, pack some sandwiches for consumption during the break. Participants will be given a bottle of water each.

For clarifications, please call the Secretariat staff at 6345 1491.

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