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Poomsae Coach Course Retest and Sparring Course Results

The following participants were successful in the Poomsae Coach Course retest held on 7 February 2013 and Sparring Course (Fundamental) held on 17 February 2013 at the National Training Centre.

Poomsae Coach Course (Retest)

–          Lee Chong Hian (Marine Parade Zone C RC)

–          Lau Han Yang Andy (NTU TKD Club)

–          Cheng Li Lin Cheryl (NTU TKD Club)

–          Loh Wei Yan Lorraine (Poomse Club)

–          Tian Zhen (Induk TKD)

–          Choi Jun Tong (Jurong Junior College)

–          Mak Hao Yin Nicole (Jurong Junior College)

–          Yek Teng Hao Jason (Dragonix Sports)

–          Soo Rui Han Aloysius (Shota TKD)

–          Lee Min Qi Felice (Acme TKD)

–          Ng Si Hui Celeste (Ignite)

–          Lee Jia Hui Denise (AkiraX TKD)

Sparring Course (Fundamental)*

–          Ling Zhen Yang Aidan (Aspire TKD)

–          Soon Yinn Carissa-Jill (Singapore Swimming Club)

–          Chan Chooi Leng Michelle (Team Spectrum TKD)

–          Choo Ching Woan Kelly (Team Spectrum TKD)

–          James Ethan (Anglican TKD)

–          Ling Chat Sin (Aspire TKD)

–          Leng Kian Poh Maureen (Team Spectrum TKD)

–          Tia Ngut Lan Marlina (J H Kim TKD Millennia)

–          Liew Kong Yong Ronnie (J H Kim TKD Millennia)

–          Woon Jun Hui (Team Spectrum TKD)

*Holder of the certificates for Sparring Course (Fundamental) shall be exempted from the sparring component required for the promotion test from red 1 to 1st poom or 1st dan.

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