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Poomsae Coach Course Retest Results (January 2014)

The Poomsae Coach Course retest results were delayed as the examiners required more time to re-evaluate some of the participants’ performance.

The following successfully passed the course at the retest.

  • Ang Crystal
  • Bui Thi Hang
  • Chang Shan Jern Jordan
  • Chew Xuan Zhi
  • Heng Choon Chuan
  • Hoo Kwang Chang Kent
  • Koh Hwee Tuan
  • Nurulain Bte Abdul Wahab
  • See Toh Ee Ling
  • Sim Swee Hing
  • Slawomir Grzegorz Wlodkowski
  • Song Jeong Ho
  • Tan Cheng Hueng Andy
  • Tang Chin Ee
  • Tang Tak Shiu
  • Teo Sheen Khang Ronnie
  • Tong Tiffany
  • Yap Tiong Ngee Matthew
  • Lim Hu Yu
  • Suryanarayanan Balaji
  • Soh Wan Hui

The STF has decided to give participants who had attended the retest and whose names are not listed above a final opportunity to qualify as a poomsae coach.

A special session will be conducted on Wednesday 2 April 2014 at 7.30pm at the STF National Training Centre.  The fee for the session is $20.  If the examiners are satisfied with the performance, they will be awarded the qualification.

Please register with the STF at 6345 1491 by Monday 31 March 2014.  Payment may be made before the session at the venue.  On the spot registration will not be accepted.

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