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Poomsae Coach Results

The poomsae coach course held on Sunday 7 December 2008 attracted 26 participants. Only 22 out of the number made the grade.

The course was conducted by Tan Kok Heng, the Secretary of the Coaching Committee.

It covered what the coaches are required to know in order to help prepare their teams for poomsae competitions.

They learned not only the finer points of poomsae performances but also the common areas of weaknesses in which the judges would be looking out for.

Poomsae competitors who are trained by coaches who had gone through the course would certainly have an edge over their rivals who are guided by ‘unqualified’ poomsae coaches.

The following participants successfully completed the course.

  1. Tan Zheng-Kai Aaron
  2. Tan Lian Hoe
  3. Goh Ying Shi Darwin
  4. Ke Zhi Qun Randal
  5. Teo Wan Choo
  6. Ang Wei Lin
  7. Cheok Kai Hwee Eileen
  8. Ko Yee Chow Angus
  9. Tan Jia Jun Daryl
  10. Chong Ai Lin Joyce
  11. Goh Aik Leng
  12. Yong Chong Kit Danny
  13. Yong Thim Ting
  14. Chong Chih Chung
  15. Teo Johnboy John
  16. Yong Ming Hao
  17. Gerard Lee
  18. Margaret Lee
  19. Ong Mei Lin
  20. Bong Peng Luck
  21. Low Jun Jie
  22. Low Kai Wen

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