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Poomsae Referee Refresher Course

A series of refresher course for all national poomsae referees will be organized at the National Training Centre.

It will be held as follows.

  • 14 April 2007 (5 – 8 pm)  –  for Senior Examiners
  • 15 April 2007 (9 – 12noon) – for Examiners
  • 21 April 2007 (5 – 8 pm)    – for Special Poomsae Referees
  • 28 April 2007 (5 – 8 pm) – for Poomsae Referees (1st and 2nd class)
  • 5 May 2007 (5 – 8 pm) –  for Poomsae Referees  (3rd and 3P class)

The objectives of the course are to teach referees how to use the electronic scoring system and ensure that they maintain their competency.

Poomsae referees who are interested in the course are requested to register with Jolene or Theresa at 6345 1491 one week before the commencement of their course.

As all special poomsae referees are expected to attend the course, they are exempted from registration.

The STF will appreciate it if members who read this article can pass the information to all poomsae referees they know.

The dress code is ‘dobok’.

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