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Practical Assessment for Poomsae Referee Course Participants (April 2016)

30 participants attended the extra session for the Poomsae Referee Course on Saturday 9 April 2016 at the STF National Training Centre.

1Az Hasyir Bin Mazlan JH Kim TKD (BT) 
2Chew Xiao Hui KarenSt Teresa TKD
3Chia Min Hui Jennifer Radin Mas CC 
4Chye Shu Hui Cherrie Cadre Academy 
5Gan Yong Han Daryl Jurong JC 
6Hadi StephanieTemasek Polytechnic
7Heng SeanIgnite TKD 
8Huang Zhong Yu Trifecta TKD 
9Janeth Amistad JH Kim TKD (BT) 
10Ji Joong Ho KTMA
11Kwong Hui Hen Acme TKD 
12Lew Zhong Shrng Tristan St Teresa TKD
13Lian Wen Wei Alexander Summit TKD
14Liew Kong Yong Ronnie JH Kim TKD (Main) 
15Lim Hao An StevenRadin Mas CC 
16Lim Hui Hsien Ngee Ann Poly TKD 
17Lim Jia En Hazel Radin Mas CC 
18Lim Jia Jun Zacchaeus Ignite TKD 
19Liu Jia’Ai Ngee Ann Poly TKD 
20Ng Bao YiIgnite TKD 
21Slawomir Grzegorz Wlodkowski Trifecta TKD 
22Tan Hui Qi PAP Leng Kee 
23Tan Moh Teck PaulusAnglican TKD
24Tang Tak Shiu Bishan CC 
25Tay Ee Kiang T&T TKD 
26Teo Sheen Khang Ronnie Raiders TKD 
27Tham Chun Hoe Radin Mas CC 
28Twang Cheng En Sports Team 
29Vee Yah Teng Vernice Radin Mas CC 
30Yong Ming Hao S’pore Poly 

They will be required to officate at least one day of the National Schools competition as part of their practical assessment.

Please report on any of the following dates and times to Mr Andy Lee, Tournament Chairman, at Toa Payoh Sports Hall.

–  Monday 11 April 2016 (12.00pm)

–  Tuesday & Wednesday 12 & 14 April 2016 (8.00am)

–  Monday & Tuesday 18 & 19 April 2016 (8.00am)

–  Friday 22 April 2016 (8.00am)

Participants who did not attend the extra session will not be eligible.

The final results will be released after the tournament.

We look forward to your support.

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