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Retest Results for NCAP Technical (Level 1) Course

The following were successful in the retest for the NCAP Technical (Level 1) Course held on Sunday 16 January 2011 at the National Training Centre.

  • Ang Kun See Joaquim
  • Ang Wee Peng
  • Ang Wei Lin
  • Chan Benjamin
  • Chia Zhende Kington
  • Chu Ming San Aaron
  • De Souza Juliette Alexandra
  • Guo Junliang
  • Kee Shao En Sean
  • Kishan Mohan
  • Koh Zhijie Adam
  • Lee Jun Tang
  • Lee Pei Fen
  • Lee Yue Xiang
  • Low Li Ting
  • Nio Li Jun Amanda
  • Ong Jing Wen Charmaine
  • Ong Zhi Qiang Wesley
  • Ooi Tian Ci
  • Pae Fang Ning
  • Quek Boon Hock
  • Shamir Robinson
  • Tan Daniele Aidan Haadi
  • Teo Qinyi Joanne
  • Yeong Yu Heng Kevin
  • Goh Jun Wei
  • Prabhu Nadarajan

Those participants who are successful are required to complete 3 months (twice a week) or 6 months (once a week) of practical coaching attachment.  Trainee coaches can have their choice of schools or clubs approved by the STF for their attachment

Form A must be returned to the STF at least two (2) weeks before they start their coaching attachment.  Attachment without prior approval of STF will not be accepted.

Form B is for trainee coaches to record their attendance.  It must be counter-signed by their respective club officials.

On receipt of the completed Form B, the STF will issue certificates to coaches only after having satisfied that the coached have fulfilled their obligations.

Practical attachment must be complete within 3 years of the announcement of the results.  After that, the results will be considered null and void.

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