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Singapore Taekwondo Federation Grading Assessor Licence Application Criteria

For application of Grading Assessor Licence, an applicant must fulfil all the following conditions:

  1. Minimum 4th Dan Black Belt issued by Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF)
  2. Minimum Poomsae Coach Certification Level 2
  3. Minimum Poomsae Referee Class 3
  4. Minimum Kyorugi Referee Class 3
  5. NCAP Level 1 (Full Certificate) / SG Coach TKD Level 1 (Full Integrated)
  6. Attended and completed the requirement of Grading Assessor Accreditation Course
  7. A letter of appointment/endorsement form by the applicant’s dojang is required for STF Office to endorse the application*


  1. All participants who have attended the Grading Assessor Accreditation Course will receive a certificate of participation.
  2. The application for an assessor licence is limited to 1 affiliate (full member and associate member) 1 assessor licence.
  3. The assessor licence will expire in the event the assessor who has been accredited has ceased to practice taekwondo and/or ceased
    employment at the affiliate(s). In this instance, the affiliates may submit a new application for assessor. *
  4. If an affiliate does not have any member who is able to fulfil the Grading Assessor licence application criteria, the affiliates may seek the
    assistance of any licensed assessor to grade their dojang students from the grade of Foundation to R2.
  5. If the affiliate is unable to engage the assistance of any licensed assessor, the affiliate may write to STF to engage the service (payable) of
    STF’s examiner.
  6. Affiliate applicant who is not able to fulfil STF’s Grading Assessor licence application criteria currently, the affiliates may write to STF for
    further clarification.

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