Monday, 17 June, 2024

Sparring Course (Level 1) Results (October 2014)

We are pleased to annouce that the following participants have successfully completed the Sparring Course (Level 1) which was held on 4 & 5 October 2014 at the STF National Training Centre.

–  Guhan s/o Sanmugan

–  Dr Yeo Wei Min Sharon

–  Tan Yan Ren Emmanuel

–  Chiuh Ken Meng Terence

–  Tan Swee Lai Jessamine

–  Kok Pei Li Joyce

–  Tiffany Grace Sajoto

–  Maritje Budiman

–  Koh Cheong Meng Alvin

–  Stephanie Wijaya Hadi

–  Abraham Alfred Pragasam

–  Graeme Docherty

They will be exempted from sparring when they take their 1st to 2nd dan (poom) grading.

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