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Sparring Workshop (Basic) by Korean Coaches 27 January 2013

Two Korean coaches who are members of the World Taekwondo Federation Peace Corps will be conducting a sparring workshop for Red 1 (Junior & Senior), Poom and Dan holders.

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At the workshop, they will be sharing with participants, not only the latest sparring techniques, but also the progressive training methods to master the skills.

Details of the workshop are as follows.

Course Title               :           Sparring Workshop (Basic)

Date                          :           Sunday 27 January 2013

Time                          :           4.00pm to 6.30pm

Venue                        :           STF National Training Centre

                                                Block 80 Lorong Limau

                                                #04-191 Singapore 320080

Eligibility                    :           At least Red 1 (Junior & Senior)

                                                Good fitness level (The STF reserves the right to

                                                request proof of fitness from a medial practitioner)

Dress Code               :           ‘Dobok’

Certification               :           Certificate of Participation

Registration Fee         :           $30.00

                                            (Fees paid are not refundable unless the application is rejected)

The registration form is available in the ‘Forms’ folder.

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