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Test Results for Unarmed Combat Level 2

14 participants completed the Unarmed Combat Level 2 course on Sunday 11 July 2010 after going though 9 hours of training.

The training conducted by Mr Leon Koh and Mr Brian Peh under the supervision of Martial Arts Chairman RA Jeyaraman saw the participants experiencing the grueling practices and picking up the self-defence skills very quickly.

On top of that all of them evidently had put in a lot of effort practicing on their own. Their hard work paid dividend when they impressed the examiner with their skilful demonstration of the various techniques for breaking falls and defending against assaults with and without weapons.

Congratulations to the following successful candidates.

  • Ganesh s/o Selvaraju
  • Goh Jia Qi Kylynn
  • Goh Jian Qi Keefe
  • Chua Kwee Teck Jerry
  • Wu Shunwen
  • Lee Pei Fen
  • Fun Seal Jun
  • Nonny Florentine
  • Kang Kim Joo
  • Nai Cheng Kang Royce
  • Lum Zheng Liang
  • Coco Lim
  • Ho Mun Wai
  • Wong Chee Kwong

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