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Trained to Spar

50 poom belts gathered at the National Training Centre on 22 April 2007 for the Sparring Programme.

The programme kicked off with an opening address by Mr. Milan Kwee, President of the STF. Among other things, Mr Kwee highlighted to the participants the importance of discipline. And that included giving the utmost respect to their parents.

Mr Kwee reminded the participants that they would not have the opportunity to develop themselves if not for the support of their parents. He pointed out that they were taekwondo exponents not only in the gymnasium. They were taekwondo exponents every day of the week. Therefore, they were expected to conduct themselves like true taekwondo exponents at all times.

The programme continued with theory which covered the winner’s mindset, the winner’s recipe, the concept of time and space, the elements of speed and more.   After that the participants learned the finer points of sparring position and practiced footwork and bodywork.

Before they were taught how to apply the various skills, the participants were evaluated on their techniques. While some needed corrections, many only required to refine their skills.

When the participants were asked if they enjoyed the session, the answer was a resounding “Yes!” When they were asked if they had benefited from the programme, the response was the same.

All parents who witnessed the training were visibly delighted with the programme. One parent said that the he was glad because the programme also inculcated in the participants the value of respect.

The programme ended with a presentation of achievement certificates by Mr Kwee to all the participants.

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