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Unarmed Combat (Level 2) Results

30 participants sacrificed almost two and a half weekends to learn how to defend themselves using various techniques including throws, releases and kicks and punches.

When their competencies were tested by Senior Examiner Chin Khee Shin on 22 November 2009, they proved that they had what it took to defend themselves. All of them passed on their first attempt.

The successful participants are as follows.

Chew Kai Jun
Chew Xin Yi
Kang Rui Jie
Leow Zi Qin Desmond
Muhammad Hadlyzan Bin Johar
Mykyta Pervak
Lee Min Xue Felton
Chua Chen Kang Aloysius
Peh Jing Kai Sean
Ting Chong kai Jeremy
Chua Yih-Lung Titus (Issac)
Ganesa s/o Sundram
Lee Kar Churn Eddie
Poon Wai Tung Jackie
Visvanathan s/o Perlyasamy
Chew Xin Wei
Kang Jun Jie
Nio Cheng Long Jacky
Nio Li Jun Amanda
Oh Kun Sheng Edmond
Oh Qiong Luan Valerie
Tessa Tang Xue Yi
Lim Soon Yi Joyce
Muhammad Hadly Bin Johar
Chong Kin Fei
Ho Yao Tong Victor
Koh Choon Seng David
Leong Miao Yuen Kelvin
Gan Yin Ze
Low Zi Ping Melvin

They would be eligible to participate in the Unarmed Combat Course (Level 3) which would be held probably in the middle of next year.

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