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190th Centralised Grading


Sunday 15 OCT 232:00PM – 6:00PM(Senior Red 1 & above)Yio Chu Kang Sports Hall
Sunday15 OCT 239:00AM – 12:00NOON(Junior Red 1 & aboveYio Chu Kang Sports Hall

1. For Foundation to R2, grading can only be done by qualified Grading Assessors who have successfully completed the Grading Assessor Accreditation Course and have applied for a valid Assessor licence.

2. Submission for the Grading can only be at the STF office during office hours.

3. Please ensure that ALL grading cards are properly completed and duly endorsed. A recent photograph of the candidate must be attached.

4 For ALL candidates who are going for 1st Dan/Poom & above, please have the following documents during submission:

a) Candidate’s grading card

b) 1 recent IC / passport photograph of the candidate

c) Form B (duly completed)

Submission will not be accepted if any of the documents is not available or, for Form B, partially completed.

  1. Submission will not be accepted if candidate fails to produce any of the documents mentioned above.
  1. The last day of submission (Junior Red 1 & above, Senior Red 1 to 3rd Dan) is on 22 SEPTEMBER 2023 (FRIDAY). Any submission after this date will be considered as LATE SUBMISSION.
  1. Late submissions for candidates taking Red 1 & above are to be done within two (2) weeks from 25 September 2023 (Monday). Submission beyond the grace period of two (2) weeks WILL NOT be accepted. An administrative fee will be charged accordingly for late submission within grace period. The charges are as follows
Period of Late SubmissionAdministrative Fee Chargeable
1st subsequent week from last day of submission
(25 September 2023 – 29 September 2023)
SGD 10.00
2nd subsequent week from last day of submission
(02 October 2023 – 06 October 2023)
50% of the grading fee payable by candidates for their respective grades.
  1. A roll call will be taken at 1.30pm for Red 1 (Senior) candidates going for 1st dan and 2.30pm for 1st dan and higher candidates. Those who miss the roll call will be considered as ABSENT or LATECOMERS. Latecomers will not be graded.
  1. Candidates are to turn up in proper dress code (as stipulated by the STF) for the grading. Candidates who fail to comply with the dress code will not be allowed to take the grading.
  1. Supplementary Grading can only be conducted two (2) weeks before or after the Centralised Grading and will be subjected to the approval of the Grading Department.
  1. While STF will take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the grading procedure, Candidates will take all reasonable steps to ensure their own safety at all times and will not hold the Federation, the Grading Department or any of its servants, employees or agents responsible for any such injuries, accidents or mishaps that may befall on them during the course of the grading,
  1. For any enquiries, please contact the STF Secretariat Office or the Grading Department (


  1. For clubs that wish to conduct supplementary grading for Junior 1st Poom to 4th Poom, a minimum number of 25 candidates is required.
  2. Please register with the STF Secretariat by 2 OCTOBER 2023 (MONDAY).
  3. An examiner will be assigned by the Federation after the closing date.


  1. The grading for Senior 4th Dan & above will be held on 28 October 2023, Saturday.
  2. For those that are doing feats (senior 5th and 6th Dan), please submit to the grading department via email ( on what you are going to perform for your feats before 16 OCTOBER 2023 (MONDAY).
  3. For the thesis component, candidates have to submit their thesis latest by 20 OCTOBER 2023 (FRIDAY). Thesis have to be emailed in to
    1. The last day of submission for Senior 4th Dan & above is on 17 OCTOBER 2023.


  1. The last day of submission for colour belts is on 7 NOVEMBER 2023 (TUESDAY). Any submission after this date will be considered as LATE SUBMISSION.
  2. An administrative fee of SGD 5.00 will be charged for late submission of candidates taking all other grades except Brown 1 & above.

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