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Announcement on 183rd Grading Exercise

183rd Grading in January 2021

For Seniors (above 15 years of age and above)

The grading will be assessed on the 15th February 2022. The last day for video submission will be 9th February 2022. Criteria for grading will remain the same as the 182nd (Up to 2nd going to 3rd Dan only).

All videos for senior red 1 and above (Up to 2nd going to 3rd Dan only) must be pre-recorded and email to by the 9th February 2022.

Closing date for registration will be on 17th January 2022 by the clubs for Senior Grading.

For Foundation and Colour belts

Foundation up to Red 2 will be graded by their respective club’s 4th Dan coaches.

All videos for Red 1 going to poom belts and above and “double promotions” recommendations must be pre-recorded and email to by the 9th February 2022.

All payments and the grading cards for the 183rd grading must be submitted by the 25th February 2022 or late payment fees will be imposed.

Important note for all video/s submission:

  1. All videos MUST be in MP4 format. Videos not in MP4 format will be rejected.
  2. The file name and candidate name MUST be the same as that of the registered person for easy identification.
  3. All the videos taken must be in one file. You can take the videos at different time but it has to be edited / linked together as ONE file. This will help to facilitate and hasten the grading process by examiners. In the case of videos NOT linked as a single file, videos will be rejected.
  4. The video will have to be in the proper grading procedure. ie : Compulsory pattern, optional pattern(s), basic kick, followed by one round of 1 minute shadow sparring.
  5. For the PPass going for confirmation, coaches will have to indicate the comments from previous grading and which portion/s of the grading process needs to be confirmed.
  6. DO NOT send multiple emails with the videos to the different emails as that would only clog up the emails. You will receive a reply once your email/video is received and the videos are in order.
    If you are unclear on any of the above points, kindly call STF office at (65) 6345 1491 or email to Grading Department ( to clarify.

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