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Co-operation Required for Pleasant Grading Experiences

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) requires the co-operation of club leaders and coaches in the following areas and more to provide all candidates and their parents with pleasant experiences at the centralized and supplementary grading.

–  Ensure that the candidates do not have to wait too long at the grading venue – that is, they should not be told to report too early for grading and should be permitted to leave immediately after the grading with their parents.

–  Take care of the welfare and safety of the candidates at all times – that is, they should not participate in the grading if they are injured or not well and should be allowed to rehydrate themselves if they need to.

–  Make sure that the candidates meet the requirements for the grading – that is, they know what to do for the grading, wear their groin guard if required, observe the uniform code and not do sparring with their shoes on.

In order to reduce the waiting time for candidates, those who do not meet the minimum standard for passing and are required to repeat will be graded last. Moreover, examiners will now have the discretion to grade up to eight candidates at a time for white and yellow belt holders.

Please note that repeat performances by candidates will be on the instruction of commanders who are expected to be instructors of their respective clubs. If any instructor feels that his or her candidates require repeat performance, he or she should inform the examiner and ask the candidates to try again at the end of the club grading. It is the responsibility of the examiners to assess the candidates based on what they see.  

Free sparring for Senior Red 1 and higher is a mixture of near target to light or slight contact. Candidates will be at a disadvantage if they only execute kicks from a distance.

If you require any clarifications, please email the STF at

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