Tuesday, 18 June, 2024

Compulsory Use of Groin Guard

All candidates must wear groin guards for sparring. They will not be allowed to continue with their grading if they do not have the protective equipment.

Helpers in the grading doing sparring are also required to wear groin guards. Those without the equipment should not spar with the candidates.

With effect from April 2011 grading, groin guards will also be compulsory for female candidates.

All coaches are urged to ensure their candidates observe requirement to avoid any unpleasantness during the grading.

Grading officials have the rights to ask the candidates doing sparring if they are equipped with the guard before they enter the grading area. Coaches should co-operate with the officials to ensure that the safety of the candidates.    

STF examiners and grading officials will not compromise on the use of the guard as the safety of the candidates is of paramount importance.

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