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Grading Briefing

A briefing for club officials and coaches will be held on Saturday 19 April 2008 at 5.30pm at the National Training Centre.

The session will provide, among other things, information on the examiners’ expectations of candidates, challenges faced by the Grading Committee and future grading requirements.  

Officials and coaches can use the opportunity to share their concerns and provide feedback on grading areas which can be improved further. Your concerns, observations and recommendations will be studied by the Grading Committee which will put forward its proposals to the Management Committee for its consideration.

Although the dress code is casual, it does not mean that participants can come in shorts nd singlets. We expect participants to be decently dressed by normal standard – for example shirt and trousers, T-shirt and track pants, etc.

Please register with Jolene, Theresa or Linda at 63451491 by Thursday 17 April 2008 if you wish to attend the briefing.

All clubs are advised to send at least one representative each to the briefing. Students of clubs which are not represented will be disadvantaged as they may not be properly guided for their grading.  

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