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Grading Information 30 July 2011

Interview Component

All affiliate leaders and coaches are requested to inform their candidates taking the 1st dan grading up to 3rd dan that they will be required to know the STF pledge. They will be tested during the interview segment. If they are unable to recite the pledge, they will not make their grading.

Candidates should also be informed that the interview questions will no longer be limited to the 15 questions published in the website. The examiners may ask other ‘character development’ related questions.

For example, the examiner may ask if the candidate has done any good deeds for the last three months. The candidate is expected to answer truthfully. If he or she has not done anything good, he or she should say so and have a good reason for that.

Candidates will fail the grading if they attempt to lie as it is against their pledge which is a promise and not an aspiration.

Changing Rooms

Please also inform your members not to change their clothes in public. Some members of the public have found the act offending. Candidates are advised to use the changing rooms available at the stadium. Anyone caught changing in public area will be taken to task.

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