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Grading Matters

Repeat Performance

With effect from next grading in October 2008, the examiners will no longer ask candidates to perform their poomsae again. The decision to repeat a performance will be left to the candidates.

If the candidates want to do their poomsae again for any reasons, they can do so at their own discretion. All candidates are allowed three attempts. If they cannot perform their poomsae satisfactorily after the third attempt, they will not be granted a pass.

Confirmation of Grades

For confirmation test, candidates are required to perform the grading requirement for a grade lower – for example, a candidate taking confirmation test for Blue 4 has to perform the requirement for promotion from Green 5 to Blue 4. The candidate may wear his blue belt during the confirmation test.

Examiners will not grade confirmation test candidates if they come prepared with the wrong poomsae – for example, a Blue 4 candidate has to perform Sa-jang for his confirmation. But he knows only O-jang. The candidate will not be allowed to take the test.

Plain White T-Shirt

Females candidate are reminded to wear their dobok over a plain white T-shirt. They will automatically fail if they wear other than plain white T-shirt.

Sparring Partners

Clubs are allowed to arrange sparring partners for their candidates. All clubs are encouraged to do so in the interest of their members.

Principle of Assessments

Assessments of performance will be based on progression of techniques (poomsae) and skills and tactics (kyorugi) – for example, a grade 1 candidate cannot expect to pass if he cannot perform white belt skills properly. More skills and tactics are expected from 1st dan candidate than, say, grade 1 candidate.

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