Friday, 12 April, 2024

Grading Matters

Coaches are reminded to ensure that

  • their students do not change in public,
  • their female students, regardless of age, wear white round-neck t-shirts inside their dobok (sports bra instead of the t-shirt is not acceptable) and
  • their students do not engage in contact sparring.

Club leaders or coaches will be called up for a discussion with the Disciplinary Committee if their students are caught changing in public.

Examiners will fail female candidates who fail to observe the uniform requirement. White round-neck t-shirt is part of the uniform for female participants regardless of age.

Any candidate who knocks out his opponent will fail his grading. As full protective gear is not worn during grading, only light contact sparring is allowed.

The co-operation of Club leaders and coaches are sought to make sure that the candidates observe all the grading rules.

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