Friday, 27 January, 2023

Grading Matters

The STF has received numerous feedbacks regarding the poor scheduling of its grading exercises.  After investigation, it was discovered that most of time the problem is a result of instructors asking their students to report for grading too early and occasionally examiners giving too many candidates opportunities to repeat their performances.

In order to avoid complaints, the STF is appealing to instructors not to ask their students to report too early for grading.  Depending on the size of your group, 1 or slightly more hours before the appointed time will be sufficient.  More importantly, instructors must keep the parents informed of your grading plan – for example, report at the venue at, say, 9am for roll call and warming-up, 9.30am for collection of grading cards and other administration work, 9.50am for reporting at the grading station and 10am for assessment.

For repeat performances, the STF has decided that henceforth the examiners will assess the candidates once they complete performing their poomsae.  Candidates will be allowed to repeat only if they are unable to complete their poomsae.  Each candidate will be given two chances for repeat performance.  The examiners will provide their comments in brief at the end of each club grading, if necessary.

It will also be helpful to the grading process if instructors can gather candidates with medical condition to be graded in the same group if they hold the same grade.

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