Wednesday, 24 July, 2024

Grading Matters & Examiner Promotion

Among other things, all examiners have been informed of the following. It will be helpful if coaches take note of the information.

–       All grading participants, including the commander, must observe STF uniform code.

–       The maximum number of participants to be graded for the different grades is as follows: Grades 10 and 9 (8 candidates); Grades 8 to 5 (6 candidates); and Grades 4 to 1 (4 candidates). If time permits, it will be good to grade fewer candidates at a time.

–       It is the responsibility of examiners to ensure that all candidates involved in sparring wear groin guards. If any of the candidates does not have groin guard or refuse to wear one, he or she will automatically fail.

–       Grading requirements shall be guided by the grading syllabi.

–       All examiners, grading officials and coaches work as a team. They should respect one another regardless of seniority. They are free to draw the attention of one another if they find that the system is not working well. The focus should be to ensure that the grading is conducted safely, smoothly and efficiently. 

Examiner Promotion

The Federation is pleased to announce that Mr Patrick Tan Yong Chen has been confirmed an examiner with immediate effect. He has served his provisional period well by demonstrating commitment, compassion and good judgment. Hence, his promotion is much deserved. Congratulations!

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