Sunday, 16 June, 2024

Interview Questions for Candidates

In an effort to make taekwondo recognized as a character development sport, the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) had introduced pledge-taking for all its members before each training session.

It will not be enough because the pledge is meaningless if the words expressed in it are not understood and translated into deeds. For example, honesty is just a word if one understands it as just not telling lies. The STF wants its members to know that honesty means more than that and expects them to embrace the value.

To guide members towards being better persons and citizens, all red 1 (senior and junior) and 1st and 2nd poom and dan candidates will be required to be interviewed immediately after their practical tests from the January 2010 grading. All candidates must pass this new requirement to qualify for promotion.

For some questions, better answers are expected from senior candidates. The examiner will accept simple but correct answers from an 8-year old poom belt but not a 25-year old 2nd dan candidate. During this segment of the test, the examiner will also take into consideration the demeanor of the candidates.

The list of questions which the examiner will select from is attached to help candidates prepare for the test. The examiner reserves the right to ask any number of questions.

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