Friday, 21 June, 2024

Supplementary Grading Guidelines

Supplementary grading is organized by affiliates. Some affiliates have done a great job while others have much room of improvement. When it is well organized, the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) will not know about it. But when if is badly conducted, the STF will receive lots of adverse feedback.

In order to ensure that supplementary grading is properly held, the following guidelines are to be observed.

  • Ensure that the venue is big enough to accommodate the number of candidates.
  • Prepare convenient holding area for the candidates and their parents and friends.
  • Stagger the time, if necessary, for the candidates to report at the grading venue.
  • Plan the candidates’ movement from reporting to leaving the venue.
  • Provide sufficient information on the arrangement in advance so that the candidates and their parents and friends know what to do and what not to do.
  • Prepare facilities for the grading early – table with table cloth, chair, bell, mats (if required) and markings for candidates’ positions.
  • Ensure assistants (helpers, coordinators and ‘commanders’) are available
  • Remind all participants to be at their best conduct.
  • Gather candidates before the examiner’s arrival.
  • Arrange to welcome the examiner with respect and direct him to a room or place where he can wait with dignity if he is early.
  • Get the candidates to stand at attention to welcome him or her.
  • Bow to the examiner and introduce him or her to the candidates.
  • Take the STF pledge before the start of the grading.
  • Gather the candidates at the end of the grading.
  • Bow to the examiner and see him or her off in a proper manner.

It may not be possible to follow some of the guidelines but the basics must be practiced – for example, suitable venue, good crowd control, and adequate facilities. The examiner must also be given proper respect and recognition.

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