Friday, 12 April, 2024

Supplementary Grading

It has come to the Management Committee’s attention that some affiliates holding supplementary grading have fewer than the minimum number of candidates required for such grading – that is 250 candidates. Although the number has dropped over the years, the affiliates continue to host the grading despite not meeting the requirements.

With effect from the April 2010 grading, all affiliates organizing supplementary grading must have at least 200 candidates. The number has been reduced to make it easier for some affiliates to meet the target.

Affiliates with fewer than 200 candidates can still organize the grading but payment will still be for 200 candidates.

Affiliates are to note that approval for supplementary grading is given subject to the affiliates meeting the number required and the obligations to ensure that the venue is suitable for the activity and all arrangements are made to facilitate the grading including according the examiners proper respect and recognition.

The STF will bar an affiliate from holding further supplementary grading if it fails to fulfill any of the criteria or obligations.

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