Friday, 7 October, 2022

Keeping Hankuk Flag Flying High

Members of Hankuk Taekwondo participated in the 7th Jakarta Taekwondo Festival held recently in Jakarta, Indonesia and returned with a medal haul of 7 gold, 9 silver and 7 bronze medals. The event was supported by Taekwondo Indonesia, the national sports association of Indonesia.

The medals came from the following:


AMANDA LAUFemale 2nd BlackGold
JULIUS SNGMale 2nd PoomGold
GERALD KOHMale 2nd PoomGold
SHERMANMale 2nd PoomGold
GHING HUNGMale Red Tip BeltGold
ZHI CHAOMale BlackSilver
JING HENGMale PoomSilver
PARKER NGMale PoomSilver
MING HANMale Red Tip BeltSilver
JOEL YAPPMale Green Tip BeltSilver
XAVIERMale PoomBronze
BRENNANMale Black Tip BeltBronze
MAX SINGMale Blue BeltBronze
BRYANMale PoomBronze
IVANMale BlackBronze


ZHI CHAOMale BlackGold
JING HENGMale PoomGold
GERALD KOHMale 2nd PoomSilver
JULIUS SNGMale 2nd PoomSilver
DYLAN WONGMale Red BeltSilver
XAVIERMale PoomBronze
BRENNANMale Black TipBronze

Said Mr Lee Seung Man, the coach, “I am proud of the achievements of my players. Most of all, I am happy that they gave their best, behaved very well and kept Hankuk Taekwondo flag flying high.”

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