Monday, 21 August, 2023

WTF Global Membership – Be Among the First

The World Taekwondo Federation has introduced the Global Membership System recently. Some countries have already had their taekwondo members registered. And hence, their membership is recognized worldwide.

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) after due consideration of the system has decided to encourage its members to join the membership as membership has its privileges. Among other things members are recognized by the WTF. 

The card will include your name, title, grade and country. The national grade (if it is higher than your Kukkiwon grade) will be reflected on your card which will be accepted as your taekwondo identity in 200 WTF member countries in the world. Your record in the sport will also be kept in the database which you can access when required.

It is good for members to join NOW as they will enjoy having smaller membership serial numbers. On top of that, it will make it easier for our members to participate in local championships in future as the STF is planning to make it compulsory for its members to participate in its various events.

Registration is open to all taekwondo members regardless of their grades – color, poom or black. The registration fee is $25 per year.

Clubs with interested members who want to be in the first batch should email the STF at for the forms by Friday 21 October 2011.  Submission closes on Monday 24 October 2011.

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