Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

37th Annual General Meeting – Co-opted and Reserved Members

In accordance with the Constitution of the Singapore
Taekwondo Federation, the following members have been nominated by the
out-going Committee for co-option in the new Committee.

(a)  Lee Thiam Poh

(b)  Ng Hwa Ann

(c)  Lee Thiam Huat

(d)  Wong Liang Ming

The following five affiliates are each entitled to a
reserved seat in the Management for the new term.

(a)  J H Kim TKD Institute

(b)  Acme TKD

(c)  St Teresa TKD Centre

(d)  Edgefield Secondary School

(e)  Zenith TKD

The affiliates concerned are asked to submit in writing the names of
representatives who will take up the reserved seats by Thursday 8 August
2013 to the Secretary-General, Singapore Taekwondo Federation, 260A Tanjong
Katong Road Singapore 437048.

If the names of the reserved member are not submitted by the
stipulated date, the seat will be offered to the next affiliate in line.

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